Rejection’ Can Never Prevent Life from Moving On

Come on folks!! Haven’t we had enough of it already? Love is an eternal feeling or an everlasting emotion and all those foolish talks are really a thing of past now, and the faster we realize this truth, the better it would be for us to deal with the only bitter yet ever-present reality which is ‘rejection. No, I do not want to be sarcastic about this beautiful feeling called love which happened to be immortal once upon a time.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the most important pre-condition to live this otherwise harsh and devilish world and thus no one can deny the love and unconditional affection of a mother towards her child. However, let us not get too touchy and mushy about this four letter word, to the extent of losing our mind, intellect and senses over its connotations and lifespan, which in actuality is most unpredictable in nature.Rejection doesn't main stop living

This article is dedicated to people who are nursing heartbreaks and emotional wounds caused by rejection or ‘being dumped’ or abandoned by one’s lover or partner. They may not like to go through it in the first instance, but of course that attitude of self-pity cannot help them to live a fulfilling life! So, get up and learn to let go, to start with and then take hold of your life. Take advantage of certain practical methods to deal with the heartaches in the most effective way in order to deal with the pain as well as to gain back your lost self-dignity.

The first rule of thumb to deal with the situation is to block some potholes, through which the pain, dilemma or humiliation may come back from the past with fresh blows to your already weak heart. So, begin with stopping all sorts of communications with your ex-flame which can be through telephones, emails, common friends’ circle, text messages as well as social gatherings and social networks wherein you two can bump into each other, either physically or virtually. If necessary go for a small vacation somewhere out of the city for a fresh and relaxed mind space. Do anything but do not communicate, not even through telepathy!

The first thing to block is your feeling of nostalgia and vulnerability. Remind yourself that you are a human being and not a thing to be used by anyone. So, do not answer or call back your ex, in case he/she calls you up. What if it is something important? What if he/she wants me back? Oh please! Give me a break and stay away from these self-foolery and hollow consolations. You are not born to mend a fickle-minded partner and you are not meant to be an object which can be taken for granted at someone’s wish or will.

Lastly, you must take it as an opportunity to learn how to live life to the fullest, without any holding-backs. Do explore new terrains, go shopping, meet your old buddies, start up indulging with your latent passion, hobbies and extra-curricular, party hard and meet new people, delve into your neglected career goals, and if everything fails, adopt a child and babysit it! That would be far better an option than uselessly nurturing a broken heart. The fact is, love is not life, it is a part of it, however significant, it should never stop life from moving on. Like everything else, love too has its grey shades and we have to accept it with its own terms, to enjoy its positive side and to ignore its darker forms.